Defending the Rights of People Accused of Committing Crime

Licensed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

William Driscoll is a criminal appeals lawyer who represents clients in the appellate courts of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He brings to his law practice the same drive, exactness for detail, and plain-English communication style that earned him Federal Government distinction during his pre-law career.

William handles each post-conviction and criminal appeal personally. He is your contact at every stage of the case, and for every communication.

He is licensed to practice before all state and federal courts in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, and the Supreme Court of the United States.

Post-conviction and criminal appeal matters are often time sensitive. Do no delay. Those seeking assistance should feel free to contact William anytime.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire Appeals Lawyer

The Basics: What is an Appeal?

Paying Forward: New Hampshire Domestic Violence and Stalking Petitions

William volunteers for the New Hampshire Domestic Violence Emergency (DOVE) Project. The DOVE Project refers victims of domestic violence or stalking for emergency legal services. In addition to aiding those who otherwise would be unrepresented, William maintains active trial skills to aid his appellate practice by undertaking these short-term cases based upon his availability.

William also accepts domestic violence and stalking petition referrals from the New Hampshire Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service full-fee and modest means programs. Referrals can be provided fee-based services on either sides of a domestic violence or stalking petition action.