Who is Attorney Bill Driscoll?

Who is Attorney Bill Driscoll?

I have always been interested in learning about how things work, typically by taking things apart and putting them back together. I am sure my parents were thrilled when I joined the Boy Scouts and my horizons expanded. What I called camping they likely saw as a vacation, especially summer camp! I did not realize it at the time, but that experience fundamentally changed my life.

With the Scouts, I received discipline and leadership training. I became closer with my parents, particularly my father, who taught me to multi-task and to expand my realm of experiences. I ultimately achieved the rank of Eagle Scout with the elevated distinction of double silver palms.

My life was profoundly altered by my father's unexpected passing. He was a Navy veteran, a pioneer in the computer industry, and an attorney licensed in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He taught me to value everyone, without bias or prejudice, and to lend a helping hand to all.

My father's death solidified my commitment to complete my masters degree program in mathematics. I followed in my father's footsteps by entering the high-tech industry, then achieved Federal government distinction in the field of electronics and computer warfare.

I then went through a low point in my life, divorce. I have first-hand experience with the pain, frustrations, and fears brought on by divorce. My focus then was on my two young children. They are adults now. My divorce, like my father's death, rechartered the course of my future. I am proof that there can be a wonderful life after divorce.

I met a woman, who became my best friend and, in time, my wife. The strength and quality of her fine character proved contagious. I set myself upon a path to positively effect the lives of others. I left high-tech and became an attorney.

I now have the honor of helping people who face difficult times. My path has lead me to practice a number of different legal disciplines, including Social Security disability, criminal defense, and, of course, family law. I have assisted clients at administrative hearings, through mediation and negotiation, and in the trial and appellate courts.

The law is not perfect, but I believe in the law. I believe everyone deserves representation by an attorney with the ability to argue the law to its best advantage. In the end, we sometimes must make the best outcome out of bad facts.

We cannot change the past. But remember, when a door closes, a window opens. We need to find that window of opportunity and take full advantage of its offerings. Only you can decide which path to follow at each fork in your life, but I will be there to help and support you.

I believe in making informed decisions. My core values are based on truth and integrity, with a lot of optimism thrown in. I tell the truth, good or bad, and provide well thought out advice based on the information available at the time. My clients know that I am honest and loyal to them and serve their best interests. As with any relationship, clear and candid two-way communications are key.