Nashua Stalking Restraining Order Attorney

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No one should live in fear. Both the alleged victim and the alleged abuser have a lot at stake, too much to go it alone without an attorney.

Courts take stalking allegations very seriously. How will the court deal with the allegations in your case? How with that outcome affect your future?

For the abused, the result might be a matter of life and death. For the accused, the result may affect your liberty rights and your reputation.

Nashua, NH Domestic Violence and Stalking Attorney

The stalking statute has a much broader application than the domestic violence statute. Generally speaking, a stalking restraining order can be obtained against anyone who engages in two or more acts targeting a specific person that would cause that person to fear for their own personal safety or the safety of a member of that person's immediate family. There are more particular requirements, which Attorney Driscoll can discuss with you during a private consultation.

Attorney Driscoll explains the law in plain-English. He can prepare you for what lies ahead. In a fog of chaos, I can work with you to develop your goals and provide you with choices and direction. Call (603) 589-4040 for a private consultation. His handicapped accessible office is conveniently located at 20 Trafalgar Square in Nashua, NH. My office is quickly accessible from Amherst Street (Route 101A) as well as Exits 7W and 8 off the Everett Turnpike.