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A paternity action settles a dispute over the identity of a child's parents. A child's father must be legally recognized before he may assert his parental rights and responsibilities.

Without legal recognition of paternity, the the father lacks enforceable parental rights. For example, the child can be relocated away from the father or adopted without the father's consent. Paternal grandparents' rights require legal recognition of the father's paternity before those rights can be asserted.

Nashua, NH Paternity Attorney

Every person owes a duty to support his or her child. That duty is addressed by the court with a child support order. Child support allocates provisions for child's health and welfare needs. If public benefits are sought by the mother, the State can verify whether the father has been identified and is supporting his child. If not, the State can institute legal action.

Criminal neglect and non-support. The father and mother are subject to criminal liability if they knowingly fail to provide their obligation of support, provided they are able to do so.

A paternity suit can affect the future of all involved. How will a paternity action affect your future?

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