Massachusetts Parenting Attorney

Parents can separate, but they remain parents forever. There are parental rights to consider. You have heard stories about parents who have separated by divorce or otherwise, some with better results than others. How will your separation affect your future, and the future of your child or children? Is there a grandparent who is actively involved in the child's life who may seek to share court ordered time with your child?

Who Are The Child's Parents?

Who are the legal parents of the child? Typically a birth certificate or adoption decree establishes parental rights. In other cases, a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test is required to resolve the issue.

What are the Parent's Rights & Responsibilities?

Parents are responsible for the physical, emotional, and financials support of their minor children. These duties must be allocated by the court once the parents separate. Who will be the child's primary caregiver? What should the parenting plan include or exclude? How will the child's health and welfare, and financial needs be provided? How should these rights and responsibilities change if the "primary parent" seeks to relocate with the child to a "more distant location" or out of State? These are some of the issues that must to be resolved.

What Are The Grandparents' Rights?

Grandparents sometimes play a major role in the lives of their grandchildren. Sometimes court ordered grandparent visitation is appropriate to ensure that the best interest of the child is provided. This area of the law balances parental rights and grandparent rights as it impacts the parenting plan.

Know Your Rights!

The standard used by the court is "the best interests of the child." Attorney Driscoll defines that term for you based on your individual circumstances. He guides individuals through low and high conflict disputes, helping to separate perception from reality.

Knowledge is Power

Attorney Driscoll focuses his law practice on resolving divorce, parenting, and family law matters. He explains the law in plain-English. He prepares you for what lies ahead. He offers you options. He works with you to develop your goals for a brighter future.

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