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As long as the family unit remains intact, the Constitution protects parents from state interference and intrusion. But when the court becomes involved, those rights must be adequately divided.

The parents' interests are balanced based on the best interest of the children. The court scrutinizes, evaluates, and monitors the family unit to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each parent. Ultimately the court must approve a "Parenting Plan." The parenting plan will outline each parent's legal decision-making authority for their children and allocate parenting time with the children.

Nashua, NH Parenting Plan Attorney

Parents are best served by negotiating their own parenting plan, rather than calling on a judge to provide boilerplate instruction on how they will parent their children. In this time of strife between parents, they are encouraged to develop their own parenting plan, hopefully with the assistance of legal counsel.

Attorney Driscoll explains the law as it applies in your case, in plain-English, and offers choices from a long list of elements that can make up your parenting plan. He negotiates with the opposition and offers persuasive reasoning for the court in your best interests, and that of your children.

Legal decision-making for the children was formerly termed legal custody. The parenting plan will outline the legal decisions that each parent can make for their children. Those decisions regard the health, education, and religious upbringing of the children, and to authorize necessary consents for the children including educational, medical, dental, and mental health.

Parenting time With the children was formally termed physical custody and visitation. The parenting plan will outline the times the children will share with each parent, including holidays and vacations. The detail of each parenting plan differs to fulfill the lifestyle of the family unit.

The court's initial presumption is for joint parental responsibility. The ultimate division of parental responsibility may vary widely depending upon:

  • the facts and circumstances of the family unit;

  • the parents' willingness to communicate and cooperate with each other for the sake of the children;

  • the proximity of each parent's home to the other, especially when the children are of school age; and,

  • whether the parents have a consensus on the children's activities.

A parenting plan can have a dramatic affect on your life and that of your children. A full and complete analysis of all of the applicable factors is required to arrive at a fair and just parenting plan. Attorney Driscoll explains the law as it applies in your case, in plain-English.

Modification of a Parenting Plan

The lives of a family unit change over time. Children get older and find new interests. Parents move on, they relocate or enter new relationships. At times the parents become averse to cooperation. Parenting plans are court orders subject to modification. Attorney Driscoll assists parents seeking to modify their parenting plan.

Non-Complainance With a Parenting Plan

The court takes seriously the contempt of parenting plan orders. The court reviews such matters as an affront to its order and the children's needs. Attorney Driscoll represents parents seeking to to enforce a parenting plan or seeking to defend their parenting plan actions.

Attorney Driscoll explains the law in plain-English. He can prepare you for what lies ahead. In a fog of chaos, I can work with you to develop your goals and provide you with choices and direction. Call (603) 589-4040 for a private consultation. His handicapped accessible office is conveniently located at 20 Trafalgar Square in Nashua, NH. My office is quickly accessible from Amherst Street (Route 101A) as well as Exits 7W and 8 off the Everett Turnpike.