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A marriage may be nullified when it offends the law at its inception. An annulment may be sought in New Hampshire when:

  • Regardless of residency, the marriage was entered into in New Hampshire; or,

  • Residents of New Hampshire are married outside New Hampshire; or,

  • The petition defendant is a resident of New Hampshire.

Nashua, NH Marriage Annulment Attorney

Annulment for Void or Voidable Marriages

A void marriage is one prohibited by law from its inception. Examples include: an incestuous marriage, a bigamous marriage where either party has a "former spouse" who is known to be alive and that the "former" marriage is undissolved, or a marriage entered into by someone who was not of legal age to marry. But the analysis may change if the couple were nonresidents of New Hampshire at the time of the marriage and the marriage was legal where it was entered into. Hence, it is advisable to discuss your individual situation with Attorney Driscoll during a private consultation.

A voidable marriage is one that can be challenged due to a legal impediment. Examples include: an underaged spouse fails to obtain a waiver beforehand, the marriage officiant lacked the power to marry (under certain circumstances), or "serious" fraudulent misrepresentation materially affected the decision to marry. The analysis for a voidable marriage annulment is more involved than for a void marriage. Hence, it is advisable to discuss your individual situation with Attorney Driscoll during a private consultation.

Annulment Relief

A petition for annulment proceeds much like one for divorce. The court may enter temporary orders concerning restraining orders, temporary parental rights and responsibilities, temporary spousal support, and injunctions against the transfer of assets. A final order may include similar orders, and restoration of the spouses former name, the division of assets and debts, as well as the award of spousal support or alimony.

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