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Spouses who decide to live separately can do so informally or formally. A formal court filing is required to define the respective rights and responsibilities of the spouses such as enforceable temporary custody, support, or the apportionment of property during separation.

Absent a legal proceeding, separation agreements are unenforceable in New Hampshire, thought a foreign agreement might be enforceable if it is not repugnant to public policy.

Nashua, NH Marriage Separationn Attorney

There are two ways to obtain a formal separation. The first is by filing a petition for legal separation. The second is by filing a petition for separate maintenance.

Legal Separation

A legal separation is also known as a limited divorce. The spouses remain legally married so they are not free to remarry and no legal name change is obtained. The a legal marriage may be resumed by notifying the court in a formal written declaration.

The procedure and cost for a legal separation is similar to that for a divorce. A legal separation permits those who wish to remain married, for religious or other reasons, to do so. As a practical matter, most legal separations are later converted into divorces.

Separate Maintenance

A spouse may petition for separate maintenance when the other is willingly absent or the two are living separately for justifiable cause. The court can issue temporary orders regarding restraint, child custody, child support, and spousal support or alimony. Temporary support is grounded in the mutual duty of care and support owed between spouses, as well as to their children. Resuming a unified home does not affect the enforceability of temporary orders; a subsequent court order is required.

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