MA Domestic Violence Attorney

Protective orders are available for those who have experienced physical, emotional, and sexual harassment or abuse. Domestic violence includes physical violence, threats of violence, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, stalking, and can also include excessive communications. Protective orders are available for victims of domestic abuse. Violating a protective order can be prosecuted civilly and criminally.

Attorney Driscoll represents clients who allege or contest domestic violence charges by a present or past family or household member and intimate partner. The existence of a domestic violence incident on an individual's record can have negative effects on the outcome of divorce and family law proceedings. Employers and others can consider the charge when reviewing an individual's suitability and eligibility for benefits. Such a charge also affects an individual's Second Amendment rights.

It is important to protect individuals and families from domestic violence. At the same time, it is important that everyone accused of domestic violence put forth a defense to ensure that possible ulterior motives are challenged. Time is of the essence. Call Attorney Driscoll to learn more (978) 846-5184.