Massachusetts Divorce Attorney

The breakdown of a marriage is one of the most stressful events a person can experience. The once trusted partner with whom you have shared your most intimate feelings will be, or is now, your opponent in a divorce that will decide both of your futures. You have heard stories about others who have divorced, some with better results than others. How will your divorce affect your future? If you have children, how will your divorce affect their lives?

Who Will File for Divorce First?

It only takes one spouse to choose divorce. If you are unhappy in your marriage then learn your legal rights and responsibilities before taking a decisive action. If your spouse is pursuing a divorce then you should seek professional legal advice and guidance immediately.

Attorney Driscoll guides individuals through low and high conflict divorces. He understands how difficult it is to decide to divorce your spouse or to learn that your spouse is divorcing you. You have many questions. Attorney Driscoll can help you separate perception from reality.

Knowledge is Power

A divorce will end a marriage, divide assets, and establish the legal rights and obligations for both parties. Each divorce is unique and particular to the individual facts and choices made by the spouses involved.

Attorney Driscoll focuses his law practice on resolving divorce and family law matters. He explains the law in plain-English. He will prepare you for what lies ahead. He offers you options. Divorce need not define you. Attorney Driscoll will work with you to develop your goals for a brighter future.

Knowledge is power. Call Attorney Driscoll to learn more (978) 846-5184.