What Happens During a Divorce or Family Law Case?

The court issues orders which decide and declare the legal rights and responsibilities of individuals in the divorce or family law case. Everything that occurs during the lifecycle of a domestic relations case is to serve that end.

Attorney Driscoll offers a value-added approach. His clients are experiencing a difficult point in their lives. Attorney Driscoll provides stability and guidance for his clients to make informed decisions for a brighter future.

Find the "Right" Attorney

Mediation affords settlement for people who can work together. For everyone else, the court offers litigation. Either way, many laws will impact your future finances and relationships. Finding the "right" attorney to guide you through conflict and deliver options so that you can make reasoned, informed decisions is critical to your future.

Attorney Driscoll focuses his law practice on divorce and family law litigation. He guides clients through low and high conflict disputes. He explains the law in plain-English to prepare his clients for what lies ahead, and offers options. He works with his clients to develop their goals for a brighter future.

Informed Decisions Require Relevant Facts

Not all facts are relevant, but some facts are outcome determinative. The key is to sort them properly and uncover all of the details necessary to support the desired outcome. Doing so requires a clear understanding of the laws affecting the point to be proven so that the relevant facts can be uncovered.

Attorney Driscoll lives the motto "Be Prepared." He uncovers the relevant facts while preparing his client's case for trial. By doing so, his client is prepared to consider negotiations through informed decision affecting the client's future.

Will There be a Trial?

A trial is required when the parties cannot resolve one or more issues in a case. Few divorce and family law issues ultimately require a trial. If a resolution is not reached during negotiations then a judge will decide the disputed issues after a trial on the merits.

Attorney Driscoll equips his clients with the facts for making informed decisions. One such decision is whether to proceed to trial on one or more issues. Attorney Driscoll discusses the benefits and drawbacks of a last ditch effort to negotiate and proceeding to trial.

Will There be an Appeal?

Either party to a disputed issue can contest the trial court's decision to a higher court, an appellate court. That contest is called an appeal, which is based on decisions that occurred in the lower court. The key is to know whether an issue should be appealed.

Attorney Driscoll is a proven appellate-level lawyer who provides a seasoned opinion about whether an appeal is likely to be successful. He offers thorough legal research, meticulous legal analysis, and persuasive appellate-level arguments. He offers an honest, plain-English assessment of the case on appeal.

Life After Your Divorce or Family Law Case

Divorce and family law cases typically result in significant life changes. Attorney Driscoll offers to prepare you for what lies ahead, and offers options. He works with you to develop and pursue your goals. You too can move from fearful darkness to a brighter future through your choices.