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Non-compliance with a court Judgment, Decree, or Order may be cured by filing a petition or motion for contempt. Examples include:

  • violating a financial restraining order;
  • violating a personal liberty restraining order;
  • withholding discovery;
  • non-payment of child support;
  • non-payment of spousal support or alimony;
  • willful interference with parental rights;
  • violating any ruling of the Court; and,
  • offending authority and dignity of the Court.

Nashua, NH Contempt Action Attorney

Child support and spousal support or alimony are vested rights that may be enforced later, even if the order has expired, as long as the arrearage exists. But punishment required the then ability to comply.

Civil Contempt versus Criminal Contempt

There are two types of contempt, civil and criminal. The difference is seen in the character of punishment.

Civil contempt is remedial, coercive, and for the benefit of the complainant. The civil contemner is said to hold the keys to their cell, comply and you will be released from punishment.

Criminal contempt is to punish disobedience, to protect the authority and vindicate the dignity of the court. A criminal contempt sentence is punitive and determinate, no amount of repentance will remit it.

Pursuing Contempt for Non-Payment of Child Support Payments

If you are pursuing contempt for non-payment of child support, consider consulting the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Child Support Services. The Department provides services for the collection and distribution of child support payments. Those services include pursuing legal action against a non-compliant obligor.

Contempt Actions Can Present Serious Consequences for Either Side

There are usually one or more defenses to a charge of contempt. Knowing and properly presenting viable defenses to contempt is crucial. A finding of contempt impacts your wallet, and potentially your liberty. On the other side of the aisle, presenting a frivolous or unreasonable contempt charge can result in an order to pay the opposition's attorney fees and costs. Such serious matters warrant the advice of counsel.

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