Civil Appeals Attorney

A civil appeal tests if what occurred in the trial court was fair. Was the evidence legally sufficient to justify the outcome? Were the rules of evidence and the law correctly applied? There are many mistakes, errors, and oversights that can negatively impact a civil lawsuit.

Prepare for Appeal Before Trial

Most errors must be "preserved for appeal" in order to be appealed. Failure to identify and prepare legal arguments in the trial court to withstand appellate review can ultimately doom a hard fought civil action. Attorney William Driscoll offers an impartial case review with trial court consultation services focused on a "devil's advocate" analysis to prepare stronger cases in the trial court through an "appellate perspective." He anticipates and addresses trial evidence issues. Call Attorney Driscoll (978-846-5184) to learn more.

Interlocutory Appeal

An interlocutory appeal challenges a court decision made before final judgment. Examples include challenging an injunction or temporary order of the trial court. The application deadline is short, hard, and unforgiving. The interlocutory appeal must be fully briefed and filed in the Appeals Court within thirty days from the entry of the trial court's decision being appealed. Call Attorney Driscoll immediately (978-846-5184).

Direct Appeal of Final Judgments

Attorney Driscoll handles appeals of final judgments to the Massachusetts Appeals Court until the avenues of appellate review are exhausted. Although unlikely, he can seek certiorari in the U.S. Supreme Court. Why not be ready with a well grounded appeal? Although any case can be appealed, does your case warrant appeal? Call Attorney Driscoll (978-846-5184) to schedule an appellate case review.

Sample Appeal Issues


Business Disputes

Child Custody

Child Relocation

Child Support

Civil Rights

Commercial Disputes

Contract Disputes

Cyber Law


Environmental Disputes

Grandparent Rights

Harassment Orders

Interstate Child Custody

Interstate Child Support

Land Use

Legal Malpractice

Medical Malpractice


Personal Injury

Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements

Restraining Orders

Second Amendment

Tax Law

Trust Disputes

Will Contests