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Every parent has a duty to support their children. Courts determine the allocation of child support for each parent by means of the State Child Support Guidelines.

The Guidelines are used in all child support determinations including temporary, permanent, or a modification of an existing order. Doing so provides uniformity in orders between similarly situated families and provides enforcement services to all parents entitled to child support.

Nashua, NH Child Support Attorney

The Guidelines provide the presumptive child support obligation. It seems like a simple task to arrive at a number by using a set formula. But that result may not be equitable or just child support amount. Attorney Driscoll explains the law as it applies in your case, in plain-English.

Adjustment to the Child Support Guidelines Amount

The Guidelines provide the presumptive child support obligation. But adjustments thereto are allowed under certain circumstances. Some factors used to consider an adjustment of child support include:

  • Ongoing extraordinary medical, dental or education expenses, including expenses related to the special needs of a child, incurred on behalf of the involved children.

  • Significantly high or low income of the obligee or obligor.

  • The economic consequences of the presence of stepparents, step-children or natural or adopted children.

  • Reasonable expenses incurred by the obligor parent in exercising parental rights and responsibilities, provided that the reasonable expenses incurred by the obligee parent for the minor children can be met regardless of such adjustment.

  • The economic consequences to either party of the disposition of a marital home made for the benefit of the child.

  • The opportunity to optimize both parties' after-tax income by taking into account federal tax consequences of an order of support, including the right to claim the child or children as dependents for income tax purposes.

  • State tax obligations.

  • The parenting schedule.

  • The economic consequences to either party of providing for the voluntary or court-ordered postsecondary educational expenses of a natural or adopted child.

  • Other special circumstances found by the court to avoid an unreasonably low or confiscatory support order, taking all relevant circumstances into consideration.

Child support can have a dramatic affect on your life, and that of your children. A full and complete analysis of all of the factor applicable to a child support decision is required to arrive at a fair and just child support result. Attorney Driscoll explains the law as it applies in your case, in plain-English.

Non-Payment of Child Support

Non-payment of child support can have serious consequences on the children, and the obligor. The court takes seriously the contempt of child support orders. The court reviews such matters as an affront to the children's' needs rather than the affect upon either parent. Depending on the circumstances, the obligor can experience jail time.

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