Leveraging a Rare Combination of Skills:

Proven Technical & Legal Experience

Algorithms make systems smart. They are neither good nor evil. Human error, bias, or illicit intentions corrupt expectations. Risks include: cyber security, autonomous vehicle operation, GPS mapping, robotics, sensors, data selection and presentation. Attorney Driscoll offers award-winning technical experience.

A vast number of divorce lawyers and judges have little to no background in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). They think, analyze, and communicate very differently, leaving STEM-minded litigants at a disadvantage. Attorney Driscoll's legal and STEM background levels the field for his clients.

A trial is not always the end fo the case. Relief can be pursued in a higher court, an appellate court. The case analysis and presentation on appeal is wholly different on appeal, where appellate level research, analysis, argument, and writing is at a premium. Attorney Driscoll has extensive experience with civil and criminal cases on appeal.