Data Privacy + Security Compliance

In today's social, economic, and political climate, the question is no longer if, but when will your business suffer a reportable breach. Will your documented risk assessment and risk mitigation plan prove adequate to the state and federal investigative agencies? What will be the impact of the resulting resolution agreement? What harm will result from the inevitable publicity?

Attorney William Driscoll possesses the legal and technical backgrounds to address your questions and concerns. He welcomes your invitation to learn more about the privacy + security compliance concerns keeping you up nights.

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Privacy + Security Compliance Requires an Ongoing Effort

✅ Privacy Risk Assessment
✅ Privacy Risk Management Planning
✅ Information Security (InfoSec)
✅ Privacy Policies & Procedures
✅ Employee Privacy Training Programs
✅ Due Diligence Assessments
✅ Breach Incident Response

You will have a hard time sleeping at night without competent and regular attention to these duties.

What keeps you up at night?

For Apollo 7 Commander Walter M. Schirra, Jr. it was the orbital mission. The hopes and dreams of a nation rested on his shoulders, and those of his crew.

Your decisions are every bit as important to the outcome of your mission, whether that be personal or business.

Attorney William Driscoll offers to assess the risks and form a risk mitigation plan to meet your goals. If your current plan has failed, he will assist in remediation.