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Massachusetts Appeals Attorney

William Driscoll's statewide appellate practice focuses on briefing and arguing cases before the Massachusetts Appeals Court, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and the United Stated Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (also located in Boston).

Focusing on the practice and procedures of the appellate court permit Attorney Driscoll to handle a wide variety of legal topics on appeal. This is because an appeal is a technical review of what happened in the trial court, not a second chance at retrying the case.

The rules and procedures on appeal are hyper-technical and mistakes can destroy your case. The practice of appellate law is unlike anything seen in the trial court. That is why you need the advice and expertise of an experienced appeals lawyer when you seek to appeal or defend a trial court decision or to pursue other post-judgment relief.

The law office also provides a variety of services of attorneys. Attorney Driscoll's practice is designed to accommodate the large blocks of uninterrupted time necessary for effective appellate-level legal research, analysis, and written and oral argument. This is a luxury uncommon to trial lawyers.

The odds of prevailing on appeal are enhanced by enlisting the services of an experienced appeals lawyer who focuses his law practice on litigation at the appellate level. To learn more, contact Attorney Driscoll at 978-846-5184.

Massachusetts Appeals Attorney